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Kenshin and Kaoru Love story

Here is a story that was written by my boyfriend Matt.

Kenshin in Love!(Part I)

Kaoru & and Kenshin

A Love Story!



(Please Note: This takes place BEFORE Kenshin and Kaoru are married.)


It was the late 1870s and the legendary Batosai the Manslayer had finally given up killing for good. He fell in love with a girl named Kaoru, his swords trainer and friend. Usually, at least. It was a peaceful enough day, birds chirping and the sun shining bright

He had just walked home, carrying a packet of letters for Kaoru. He slammed them down on the table and stretched, cracking his knuckles. "Damn, that was heavy," he groaned, sitting down in a nearby chair.

Kaoru smacked him over the head, sending him flying across the room. "NO SWEARING AROUND THE CHILDREN, KENSHIN!!" she screamed, as she gathered up her letters and stormed off.

"Uhh Sorry," remarked Kenshin as he got back up and scratched his head. He walked after Kaoru, apologizing. "Im terribly sorry Miss Kaoru, it wont happen again!" he pleaded. "It better not, or Ill have to beat you down!" she yelled at him.

He sighed and walked into his bedroom, laying down on his bed and shutting his eyes, thinking. "Boy, Miss Kaoru can get really mad sometimes," he sighed. He stretched out, laying his head on the pillow and quickly dozing off.

"Maybe I shouldnt have been so hard on him, after all he hasnt sworn in almost a week," Kaoru said nervously. "D-Did I make a bad impression? Oh d-dear, I hope not!" she mumbled, stuttering. She sighed and decided to go apologize to Kenshin for what she had said and done earlier. As she walked to his room, she heard a loud snoring sound and realized he was asleep, but went into his room anyways.

He laid there peacefully as Kaoru watched him, smiling a bit. "Hes so handsome," she sighed, "I wish he was my husband.." She covered her mouth quickly and blushed, "Wh-What am I saying?!" she yelled, waking Kenshin up. "Miss Kaoru?" he yawned, rubbing his eyes, "What are you doing here?" She twitched nervously and opened her mouth to speak, but couldnt think of the words to say. "Miss Kaoru? Are you all right?" Kenshin asked. She sighed and muttered very quietly, "Im sorry about before..."

He blinked, leaning in closer. "What did you say, Miss Kaoru?" She said it again, quieter this time. "Im sorry about before." Kenshin sighed and cleaned out his ear, "Is it just me, or are you saying that very quietly?" She got up and yelled, "IM SORRY ABOUT BEFORE, ALL RIGHT?!" He just stared and then leaned back, sighing. "You dont have to get all mad about it"

She blushed and sat back down, feeling stupid. "I-Im really sorry, Kenshin." He shrugged and patted the bed next to him. "Come, sit with me." She blushed deeper, shaking her head. "N-No, I couldnt. I would feel uhh uncomfortable!" Kenshin blinked, tilting his head. "Well, all right, if you say so Miss Koaru." She shifted nervously. "Please, just call me Kaoru, all right?"

"Whatever you want, Kaoru." He said, shrugging his shoulders, "its fine with me." She nodded and got up, sitting down next to him. "Eh, Ill take you up on your offer. Dont want to be rude, you know?" He nodded and placed his arm around her shoulder, causing her to blush a very deep red. "Are you all right Kaoru? Youre blushing like mad!"

She nodded again, deciding not to say anything for the moment. Kenshin squirmed nervously, never having been this close to Kaoru before. "So uhh your cooking was, erm, great last night." She smiled and looked up to him, "Really?! Or are you just saying that to make me feel better?" He shook his head, "No, it was scrumptious." Kaoru shivered a bit, not knowing what to do. "Uhh, Kenshin, theres something Id like to tell you" He tilted his head. "What might that be, Koaru?"

She quickly leaned in, planting a deep kiss on his lips, and pulling away after a moment. "Oh dear! I am terribly sorry!! I just couldnt take it any longer" He blushed and remained speechless for a few moments, not knowing what to say. Kaoru sighed and slowly got up, "I really should be leaving..." She began walking away, and felt a hand grab her wrist. "No, stay.. I have something to tell you too"

He smiled and pulled her down next to him gently, making sure not to harm her. "Kaoru.. Im not sure quite how to say this but.. I think that.. I love you." She gasped and leaned forward, embracing him in a tight hug. "I.. I love you too, Kenshin.." He smiled brightly and returned her hug, holding her close. She nuzzled his neck and licked it gently as he massaged her shoulders and spine. "Mmm.. Kenshin, that feels wonderful." Kaoru said while relaxing a bit. "I know, I learned how to do this a long time ago, and Ive been practicing ever since," he said and laughed.

She grinned and then thought for a moment. "Where did you learn to do this, Kenshin?" she asked, relaxing further. "Oh, I forget now. I think it was a monk that taught me.. His name was Miroku, or something, he told me it worked well with the ladies!" he said, laughing. Kaoru sighed, moving onto his lap so he could work better, "Miroku, huh? I think Ive heard that name before.. Oh well."

He smiled sheepishly, blushing and stopping the massage. "Uhh.. Kaoru would it be all right if I massaged your thighs? Or is that too close to.. you know.." She laughed nervously and nodded, "Go ahead Kenshin, I dont mind." He laughed too, reaching down and gently rubbing her thighs, "This should feel really good."

She sighed deeply and laid her head back on his shoulder, "Youre right, it feels amazing," she said, almost wishing he would move up to her crotch. Kenshin smiled and rubbed faster and deeper, getting at her nerves now. She twitched a bit at the sudden sense of numbness in her thighs, but got used to it soon enough, "Oh Kenshin, that feels incredible!!"

He nodded, laying her down and moving to her feet, taking her sandals off and rubbing the soles. "Looks like you got a full body massage for free, Kaoru!" he said, laughing. She nodded, unable to say anything as she was completely relaxed. Kenshin rubbed hard, giving her a well-needed relaxing massage. He finished up in a few moments, setting her leg down and laying beside her, looking over to her. "How was that?" he asked, not sure what shed say. "Kenshin, it was simply wonderful."

He blushed, rolling onto his side to face opposite from her. "All right, if you say so" Kaoru nodded and rolled beside him, hugging his waist. "Kenshin, have you ever thought about.. kids.." she asked, blushing a bit. "Well, of course, Kaoru, there are 2 little girls that we have to take care of, remember? He laughed. "Yes, but I mean having children," she said, laughing nervously and sweating.

He just shrugged his shoulders and nodded, "Yeah, I suppose so. But I doubt itll ever happen, most girls just run in fear of the Batosai." She thought about this fact for a minute, realizing that it was true. She decided to hint him a little, help him along. "I dont run from you, Kenshin," she said. He nodded, thinking about having children with Kaoru and then dismissing the thought from his head, not wanting to think nasty things about her. "That is true, Kaoru, but I would never dream of doing such things with a lady of your stature." He said, as a small bulge began to form in his pants.

She laughed nervously and blushed. "Well, err, Im not THAT high of a stature, you know," she explained, laying her head on his shoulder. Kenshin shrugged his shoulders and nodded, "Yes, but to me you are my trainer, and students must NEVER have relationships with their trainers. Then the trainer might go easier on them, and that is not good at all." She nodded, realizing that this was true, and dismissed the thought from her mind. "Yeah, youre right, I am sorry," she sighed. She lowered her hands a bit, feeling the slight bulge in his pants and quickly pulling her hands back up with a quiet "Eep!"

He tilted his head, looking confused. "Is something wrong Kaoru?" he asked, not noticing that her hands had brushed his pants. "N-No!! Nothing at all!!" she exclaimed, sweating and blushing profusely. Kenshin smiled and nodded, "Thats good, for a second I thought the kids walked in on us or something." She frowned, "What would be wrong with that?" He blinked, not knowing what to say. "Well.. err.. uhh.. that is.. they would see us together like this, and maybe they wouldnt like it?" he said, as it was his best excuse. "All right," she said, "I still dont understand, though."

He yawned, stretching out and turning around, hugging Kaoru tight. She smiled and returned the hug, thinking to herself. *Oh god, Im wet already* Kenshin smiled and held her close, the ever-growing bulge in his pants pressing against Kaorus thighs. She laughed nervously and rolled him over, laying on top of him. "This position is more, err, comfortable, wouldnt you say?" He shrugged his shoulders and nodded. "Whatever youd like, Kaoru," he said with a wide smile on his face. She nodded and used her bare feet to remove Kenshins sandals. He looked at her questioningly, not sure what to say. "Fair is fair, you know!" she laughed, pushing the sandals off the bed.

He thought about this for a moment and then nodded. "Yes, you are right Kaoru." She yawned and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her bra. "Is it me, or is it hot in here?" she asked, pressing her now bare stomach against Kenshins stomach. He nodded, sweating a bit, and unbuttoned his shirt too, putting his toned and large-muscled chest into view. He smiled, using her own words. "Fair is fair!" he exclaimed, laughing softly. Kenshin blinked, feeling Kaorus hard nipples against his chest. "Uhh.. Kaoru.. are you, you know, wet?"

She blushed deeply and nodded, embarrassed. "Yes, I am," she said hesitantly, not knowing what to expect, "How did you know?" He blushed too, pointing down. "Well, its just that I can feel your nipples on my chest, and they are very hard." Kaoru laughed nervously and laid her head down feeling Kenshins bulge shoot up at the mention of her nipples. "Im sorry if it bothers you.. I can button my shirt back up." He hesitantly shook his head. "N-No, it feels quite nice, actually."

Kaoru grinned and fully removed her shirt, casting it aside, yanking Kenshins off as well. "Oh dear, it is VERY hot in here," she said, sweating nervously. Kenshin nodded, "Yes, you are sweating like mad." She smiled and laid her head back down, kissing his shoulder gently. "That feels nice, Kaoru," Kenshin remarked, reaching up and rubbing her sides slowly. Kaoru nodded, kissing up his neck and eventually reaching his cheek. "Have you done this before, Kaoru? You seem to know what youre doing" She shook her head. "No, I am merely going by instinct, doing what my body tells me to do," Kaoru explained, moving to his lips.

She smiled and decided to try something new, putting her tongue to Kenshins lips. He understood and opened his mouth a bit, just enough to let her tongue through. She slid it in willingly, licking his tongue. He smiled and licked hers in return, reaching back and slowly undoing one of the four clasps on her bra. Kaoru felt her bra loosen a bit, but ignored it for now as the second clasp came loose. Kenshins tongue explored her mouth, keeping her distracted while the third clasp was undone. Kaoru definitely noticed a difference in the tightness of her bra, wondering what it was until she heard a slight clicking sound as her bra came loose and dropped onto Kenshins chest. He flung it aside and admired her full breasts, licking his lips.

Kaoru blushed and covered her chest with one hand, very embarrassed. "Kaoru, please take your hands away.. You dont need to be embarrassed, they look very nice, and very tasty," he smiled, licking his lips. Kenshin lifted her up, pulling her up so he had easy access to her breasts. "Kenshin! Wh-Whatre you doing?!" she yelled, squirming a bit and trying to free herself of his grasp. "Its quite alright, Kaoru, just relax and it will all go well." He grinned and brushed his tongue across one of her nipples and heard a slight gasp in return. "It appears as though you like it, Kaoru, dont you?" he asked, brushing his tongue across the nipple again. "Y-Yeah," she said nervously, "Keep going.."

Kenshin nodded, hoping for that response, and wrapped his lips around her nipple, suckling it gently. Kaoru tried to hold back a few gasps, but gave in after a few licks. He smiled and bit her nipple gently, not so hard as to hurt her, but only to cause her pleasure. She moaned quietly in response, her body twitching every now and then from the pleasure. He pulled back from her breast for a moment. "Do you like it, Kaoru?" he asked, already knowing the answer. "Yes!" she yelled, almost commanding him, "Now keep going!!"

He was slightly surprised by the desperateness of her reply, but did as he was told. He tried the other nipple this time, licking and sucking, pausing for the occasional bite. She gasped and moaned as he did so, and after a while he pulled away, pushing her down to his chest. She looked at him confusedly, not sure what to do. He smiled, quoting her again. "Fair is fair, Kaoru," he said, grinning.

She nodded, understanding now, and licked his nipple gently. He sighed deeply, enjoying the feeling, but his nipples werent as sensitive as Kaorus. She used the same tactic as he did, suckling a bit while licking, and biting every now and then. Kaoru tested the limits every once in a while, seeing how hard she could bite without hurting Kenshin, but only managed to hurt him once. She pulled back, satisfied with her work, and laid back down in her original position.

Kaoru smiled and kissed Kenshin passionately, breaking the kiss after a few moments. "What now?" she asked, wondering what he would do next. His hand quickly plunged into her pants before she could do anything about it and began gently rubbing the outer lips of her pussy. She gasped and shifted a bit, surprised that Kenshin would go this far. "K-Kenshin, whatre you..?" she asked, wondering why he would do a thing such as this. "Kaoru, its all right, you need to relax. I never see you relaxing."

His finger continued to rub around her slit, caressing the tender lips there. He waited for her to ask him to slide it in, almost wanting to do that now. "Kenshin.. could you, erm, just poke it in?" she asked, feeling stupid and embarrassed. He nodded slowly, his finger sliding into her tender and tight pussy. Kaoru moaned deeply as his finger slid in, never realizing how thick a mans fingers were compared to a womans. He sat up, bringing her with him and putting them in a position where she was almost sitting on his lap. She could feel a huge lump against her ass and back, and knew that was Kenshins hard member, also knowing that it would probably be inside her soon.

Kenshin moved his finger in and out slowly, twisting it every now and then to add to the pleasure. He stopped for a moment to ask her a question. "Kaoru, shall I insert more fingers in?" She nodded, which was all she could manage to do at this point. He understood nonetheless, and slid another finger in with it, thrusting faster with them now. Kaoru moaned deeply, enjoying the feeling intensely. Her arms fell to her sides as she relaxed completely, and then Kenshin abruptly stopped.

Kaoru looked back at him questioningly. "Why did you stop, Kenshin?" she asked, almost whining. He said nothing and just laid her down flat on her back, climbing on top of her such that his head was near her legs and vice-versa. He slid her pants and panties down to her knees, and waited for her to do the same.

She did, and opened her eyes wide in amazement as his long, hard cock sprang free. "My god! Kenshin, its so long!" she exclaimed, though she wasnt about to complain. She smiled nervously, not quite sure how to do this. "Err, Kenshin, how exactly does one do something like this?" she asked. "Well," he said, quoting her, "Just use your instinct." She nodded and slowly wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking gently. Kenshin slid his tongue deep into her pussy, licking at and tickling her clitoris.

Kaoru moaned deeply as he did this, causing Kenshin to slide his cock a bit further into her mouth. "Sorry, Kaoru, Im afraid I did that involuntarily." She shook her head, not minding at all. "Its quite all right, Kenshin," she said, smiling. She licked gently at his cock, sucking harder now. Kenshin delved deeper into her pussy, exploring the walls and clitoris. He groaned a bit as some precum dripped from the tip of his cock, hoping that Kaoru wouldnt mind. She suddenly felt a liquid in her mouth, and tasted it, pausing for a moment. "Kenshin.. what is this? Is it cum? It tastes very nice.." He smiled, glad that she enjoyed. "No, Kaoru dear, that is precum, it is only a mere taste of whats to come."

She nodded, suddenly feeling somewhat lightheaded and knew that her orgasm was coming. "Uhh, Kenshin, you might want to move away, Im going to cum soon" Kenshin laughed and shook his head. "No, my dear, I want to taste your juices." He slid his tongue deeper still, tickling her clitoris. Kaoru moaned loud and deep as her orgasm began, spraying cum into Kenshins mouth and all over his chin and nose.

Kenshin smiled, pulling up from her pussy and licking his lips, enjoying the taste immensely. Kaoru stared at him, embarrassed, and he turned around to face her. "Kaoru, would you mind if I do something?" he asked, hoping she would say yes. She nodded as more precum dripped into her mouth and swallowed it. He grinned, grabbing onto her head and slowly beginning to thrust his cock into and out of her mouth.

Kaoru opened her eyes wide as he began, not sure what to say or do. He instructed her with a soft, calm voice. "Just relax, close your eyes if youd like. Im doing all the work now." She nodded and did so, shutting her eyes and relaxing as she felt his cock hit the back of her throat, and then pull out, causing her to gag a bit. His thrusts began to get faster and she could feel more precum dripping into her mouth, showing that he was about to grace her with real cum. He shut his eyes tight and tilted his head back, groaning deeply and cum began to spray into Kaorus mouth, overflowing and leaking out the sides of her lips.

She swallowed as fast as she could, but it wasnt even close to quick enough. Kenshins cum spilled down her chin and onto her exposed breasts, sending a warm feeling throughout her body. He slid his cock out of Kaorus mouth, letting the rest of the cum drip onto her breasts as she swallowed the bit that was left in her mouth. She smiled, reaching down to wipe off her breasts, but he grabbed her hand and placed it beside her.

Kaoru tilted her head, looking at him questioningly. He grinned, reaching down to her breasts. "Once again Kaoru, I tell you to relax. Just let things happen as they happen." He quickly and expertly began rubbing the cum into her breasts like a lotion of sorts. She leaned back and shut her eyes again, enjoying this new feeling. He expertly rubbed the cum into her breasts, pausing every once in a while to pinch her nipples gently. Kenshin finished up his work, and then proceeded to fully remove his and Kaorus pants and underwear.

Kaoru laughed nervously, knowing what was coming next. "Im not sure if we should do this Kenshin.. what if I have a child, or something?" Kenshin shrugged, asking a question, "You said you wanted to have children, didnt you?" She nodded slowly, thinking for a moment. "Yes, but I meant having children with someone Im married to." He smiled, grabbing her ankles and lifting her legs up, also spreading them apart to expose her pussy and cum-coated thighs. "Well, well just have to get married then, wont we?"

She thought for a moment and then nodded, liking the way this was going. "Yes, I suppose we will, Kenshin." He laughed as the head of his cock slid into her virgin pussy, bursting her hymen. Kaoru gasped slightly as she felt a shiver go down her spine, and then urged him to go on. "My, my, Kaoru. Rushed, arent we?" he asked with a laugh. She sighed, nodding, and then urged him on again. "Please Kenshin, lets get this over with!" He slammed deep into her and she moaned loudly, never having felt this much pleasure in one sitting. Kenshin slid out slowly, and then rammed back in quickly, picking up the pace over time. "Kenshin, Im glad I love you.." she moaned in between speaking, "and also glad you love me back.."

Kenshin shut his eyes and smiled a bit, pounding into Kaorus pussy very quickly now. He was grunting occasionally, while Kaoru was moaning and gasping quite frequently, as such a big cock in a virgin pussy was bound to cause a lot of pleasure. Kaoru squirmed a bit, arching her back and reaching up to massage and pinch her nipples. She groaned and opened her eyes slightly, looking up at Kenshin. "K-Kenshin, I think Im about to c-cum again.." she said, stuttering madly. "Go ahead, my dear, and make it good," he said with a wink. She nodded and arched her back further, moaning very loudly as cum spurted out of her pussy and onto Kenshins balls and thighs.

He didnt stop there, though. Kenshin wasnt about to stop until he had cummed as well. He knew he was close, but there was no telling what would set him off. Kaoru dropped her arms to her side, lying fairly limp after her second orgasm. Kenshin slowed his thrusting a bit, making sure not to hurt Kaoru in any way. He tilted arched his back and groaned loudly as his cum squirted into Kaoru. She gasped as he did this, it felt like the warmth of his cum was spreading through her entire body.

Kenshin stood still, breathing heavily with his cock still half into Kaoru. She was panting heavily as well. Kenshin slowly slid his cock out of her pussy, and put it to her mouth. "Did you know that when a males and females juices combine, they taste wonderful?" he asked, hinting her slightly. She shook her head. "Lets find out," she said, grinning. Kaoru opened her mouth and Kenshin slipped his slick cock into it with ease, laying it on her tongue. She sucked gently on it and licked the juices off. "Mmm.. you were right, it tastes amazing.." He laughed, letting some more cum spray into her mouth that he was saving. "Theres a little extra for you."

Kenshin grinned, pulling his cock out of her mouth and flipping her onto her stomach, laying his cock on her ass. "Tell me Kaoru, have you ever had a cock in your ass?" he asked, knowing the answer already. "Err, no Kenshin, and Im not sure if I want to try it," she said, a bit worried. "Aww, come on Kaoru, I promise you itll feel good," he smiled, rubbing his wet and slick cock along her ass cheeks. She sighed, giving in. "All right, but if I tell you that it hurts really badly, I want you to pull out immediately, understand me?" she asked. Kenshin nodded, crossing his fingers behind his back. "I promise, Kaoru."

He grabbed Kaorus wrists and put them on her ass cheeks, instructing her what to do. "Spread the apart, so I can see your hole" She nodded, doing so. Kenshin pulled his cock away, leaning down to her tight ass hole. "Kenshin, whatever are you doing?" He smiled and licked at the tender hole gently. "Youll need some lubrication, dear." She gasped as he did so, never having felt this before. Kenshin began by tracing the hole with his tongue. He then proceeded to slide his tongue in, his tongue wandering around, never having been in an ass hole before.

Kenshin got her ass hole nice and wet, enough lubrication to fit some of his cock in.. but only some, without a bit of pain. Kenshin smiled, making one last check to make sure he got it wet enough. He laid his hands on Kaorus hips firmly, holding her in place.

He placed his cock onto her ass hole, but not quite into it.. Kenshin asked her once again. "Are you ready? And by the way, if it hurts, you can grab a pillow and squeeze tightly, that should help.." Kaoru nodded, taking a pillow and hugging it. "Ready when you are.." Kenshin slid the head of his cock into her ass with ease as she whimpered a bit, feeling a tiny bit of pain. "It kind of hurts, Kenshin.." He smiled, giving her a suggestion. "Kaoru, just relax completely, and clear your mind.. Concentrate only on the pleasure, not the pain."

Kaoru nodded, and Kenshin waited until he felt her fall slightly limp in his hands before sliding his cock in a little deeper, have about 1 inch plus the head in now. Whenever Kaoru would whimper, he would tell her to relax, and she would do so. Eventually when he had gotten about 6 of his 9 inches in she yelped, feeling quite a bit of pain. "Kenshin, I dont think any more will fit, that really hurts now!" Kenshin shook his head. "Nonsense, I can go in all I want." She shook her head in reply. "No you cant you promised!" He grinned, shoving in a bit deeper. "I was crossing my fingers, dear."

She whimpered, wondering why she didnt check if he was crossing his fingers.. Kenshin slammed into her, putting another 2 inches in, and she screamed, feeling intense pain now. He pulled out slowly as she breathed hard, and then slammed back in, getting all 9 inches in now. After he had done this a few times, her ass hole began to widen and she felt less pain and more pleasure with each thrust. When she moaned instead of screaming and yelling as usual, Kenshin knew she had adapted to it. He began to pump quicker, increasing the frequency of his thrusts.

Kaoru moaned deep and loud as her third orgasm began, this time spraying all over the bed sheets. Kenshin smiled as she did this, increasing his frequency again. "Kenshin, Im not sure how much I can take before I collapse, or something" He groaned and cummed into her ass, letting it leak out the sides of her tight hole and drip down to her pussy. He sighed and pulled out quickly, letting her backside slump down onto the bed. Kenshin smiled and flipped her over, then lying next to her. "How was that, Kaoru?"

She groaned, barely able to mumble out an answer. "It was like nothing Ive ever felt before.." Kenshin nodded, smiling wide and getting up off the bed and dressing himself. "You just sleep, Ill be back later." Kaoru nodded weakly and then shut her eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.

Kenshin walked out the bedroom, but not before kissing Kaoru a silent goodbye. He walked out of the house completely, off to do his own business. It was then that Sanosuke peeked his head into the slightly open door, and found Kaoru in there. He stared at her naked body with a devilish grin on his face, throwing his jacket aside



Author: Matt (OtaruNeko)

Special Thanks

Rae: For telling me to write a fan fic.

hope ya'll liked it!