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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

-Human Information-

Name: Lina Hibiki

Nickname(s): Lina, Hime-chan

Age: 17

Birthdate: April 25th

Brithplace: Tokyo Japan

Current Residance:

Blood-Type: O+

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 95 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Hobbies: All sports, writing, singing, playing guitar, playing violin

Schooling: Azabu High School.

Job: Singer/guitarist/violinist

Likes: "The Three lights", Yaten, stuffed animals, singing, playing guitar, sports, playing violin

Dislikes: Youmas, Being hit on

Weakness: Thunderstorms...That's about it.

Parents: Deceased. No one knows who they are.

Siblings: None.

Friends: Not a lot. Usagi-chan is her true friend. And Yaten who she falls in love with.

History: Lina was born in Tokyo Japan. She traveled around the world to find the Princess Serenity. However, she did not check Japan first. When all else failed, she headed back to Japan to continue her search. She has been all alone. No one wanted to be her friend because she was perfect. She WAS perfect in everything. She always got the highest scores in tests, she won every competition she was in, she was EXCELLENT at sports. She was the perfect person. Except for one thing.....she wanted friends. She was a lone senshi. She worked all alone. In her secret life. No one to back her up, no one to tend to her wounds. All alone. She never knew her parents. Or maybe she did at one point. She didn't know. She had been alone since she was six. Defending herself for all this time. Being alone in this world. Until she met Yaten....

-Senshi Information-

Senshi Name: Sailor Nemesis

Senshi Group: "The Lost Senshi"

Guardian: Nemesis

Princess: Princess Relina

Planet(s): Nemesis

Weapon(s): Mirror of Retribution

Attack(s): Retribution Array, Devil's kiss, Destruction Array, The End of the World (her most powerful attack...the name explains it all.)

Henshin: She whispers ever so softly "NEMESIS PLANET POWER MAKE UP" and throws her henshin stick up in the air. Then it falls back down and she catches it. As she spins the henshin stick, her fuku starts to appear. First her shoes, then her gloves, then her base fuku, then her skirts and bows. Finally, it ends with her tiara. Nemesis then poses. ^-^;

Power Source(s): Dark energy, angry spirits, ect.

Past: Her past is unknown. Only she knows.